Enter Chaos

  1. Coaching & Meditation — I have two leadership coaches I regularly use in times of chaos and growth. Joanna Andreae is the Founder of The Victory Practice. She has taught me an incredible amount over the past two years through individual coaching. I also attend her weekly meditation class over Zoom. Check her out on Instagram. Mary Margaret Skelley is also a phenomenal teacher and adviser, who I highly recommend and use regularly one on one. You can book with her here.
  2. A Positive Trigger — Most of us think of “trigger” as a negative word. “Triggered” is often used to describe the experience when we are reminded of previous trauma or hurt. Turning that definition on its head is a recent tool I picked up from one of my most favorite humans. When I become aware that I’m slipping into mental chaos and heaviness, I have a few phrases I will verbally say to trigger my nervous system back into focus. For instance, when my head started to spin around all of the hypotheticals that could have been different in my recent car accident, I said out loud to myself “How ‘bout them Nats?” That phrase is a positive trigger for me because of its personal context; it always makes me laugh and smile. And more importantly, gets me on that positive current.
  3. Gratitude — There is a lot of research on the relationship of gratitude to increased happiness and health. After I processed and allowed myself to feel the sadness, anger, and fear related to this car accident, the very next thing I did was to remember all the people I have supporting me. Looking back on that day, I have never felt so lucky in my life. From a stranger stopping his car to help me out of mine to someone willing to drop everything to pick me up on the side of the road, to a friend who was visiting LA volunteering to drive me to the tow yard, I could not be more grateful for all I do have.




Writer, speaker, and entrepreneur.

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Emily Goodson

Emily Goodson

Writer, speaker, and entrepreneur.

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